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Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum

From 2015 to date; AMSHA has been hosting Tanzania
Youth in Agribusiness Forum -TYIAF, (in collaboration with ANSAF, Agriprofocus Tanzania, TGFA, and IBUTTI) which is a multi-stakeholder forum launched in Morogoro on 11th May 2013, with a MOTTO of “Kilimo Biashara ndio Mpango mzima” i.e. “Agribusiness is a real deal”. The Forum has reached 600 direct youth and agriculture stakeholders since 2013, with aim of attracting and retaining youth in agribusiness.


Youth Workers Capacity Building Program (2015-2017, 2019-2021)

The Youth Worker Capacity Building Program was co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, whereby AMSHA partnered with Celjski Mladinski Center (Slovenia), VACK (Kenya), Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization (Uganda), Romanian Youth Forum (Romania), National Management School (Bulgaria), Permaculture Institute (Ghana) and Sustainable Community Development Organisation (Malawi) to implement the ACTIVE FOR FUTURE initiatives which aimed at developing skills, knowledge, and competences of youth workers. More details regarding this initiative are made available in