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Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI I, CARI II and CARI EA)

AMSHA Institute, (as a Business Development Services provider), Mambloleo Farms Limited (as a processor/ off-taker) and 100 Farmer Business Organizations (as producers, which represents about 5000 farmers in Kibiti and Rufiji Districts) formed RIMAH consortium which refers to Rice Marketing Hub in Ikwiriri. The main focus of the consortium was to transform the small-scale farmers from low production traditional subsistence farming to high productive farming system (from 0.8MT/ha as baseline indicated to 4 MT/ha) a market-oriented production of rice by engaging them in paddy commercial production, the intervention has managed to improve the productivity of paddy to 3 MT/ha. The Initiative has been supported by Kilimo trust/GIZ since then and MEDA Tanzania under Strengthen Small Holder Business Value Chain project.

As a result of outstanding performance on the previous CARI projects and the need to expand the rice market hubby in the Mtwara corridor, AMSHA Institute and Mamboleo Farms Limited partnered again with Kilimo Trust (supported by AGRA/USAID) from 2019 to date; to implement the Competitive African Rice Initiative East Africa – CARI EA, in Lindi region, aimed at improving paddy commercialization by increasing farmers’ yield and incomes by using established demo farm to facilitate adoption and effective utilization of sustainable rice production, improved access to quality seeds and provide a guaranteed market for 10,460 smallholder paddy farmers.