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Strengthening SHF Business value chain in Rufiji and Kibiti Districts

Strengthening SHF Business value chain in Rufiji and Kibiti Districts

From Oct – Dec, 2017 , AMSHA team focused on the following activities ;

  1. Conducting Training on GAP and GPHH
    AMSHA   conducted  Training of Trainers (ToT) on  Good Agriculture Practices  and Good Post Harvest Handling to a total of 23  lead farmers,  where   11( 7 women and  4 men) lead farmers  from Tomomi Value chain and  12( 7 Women and 5 Men) lead farmers from  Mamboleo value chain .The lead farmer were well trained  on all aspects of Good practices agriculture and post harvest handling  with special focus on proper ways  of  applying pesticides and other  agro-chemical  and proper handling of  those chemicals for the protection of their health and environment safety for sustainable agricultural activities.
  2. Facilitating  Dissemination of  contract farming knowledge
    AMSHA  team worked close with the trained trainers (the lead farmers) on contract farming to  ensure  they disseminate the contract farming knowledge to their fellow farmers  in each value chain, a total of 220 SEs were trained through the trained lead farmers and the number of SEs in total has been increased from 319 last quarter to339 on this quarter.
  3. Significant achievements
  • TOT on GAP and GPHH conducted to  23 lead farmers.
  • Increased  Participation of women on project activities , where by   61 %  of women participated on  TOT on GAP and GPHH
  • Good  Environmental protection methods   were introduced  to SEs.
  • More  SEs now understand the concept of contract farming , and some negotiations between SEs and Lead firms is going on.