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Formalization of Farmers Business Organizations (FBOs), in Lindi Region

Representatives of FBOs (producers) signing contract with Mamboleo Farms Limited (off-taker) for paddy production.

Muhogo Mbegu Bingwa Project

From 2016 to 2017: In collaboration with MEDA Tanzania, 10 AMSHA’s farmers participated in Mihogo Mbegu Bingwa

Strengthening Smallholder Business Value Chain Project

Farm inspection for quality production during implementation of Strengthen Smallholder Business value chain project (in Kibiti under Tomoni Farms Limited and AMSHA Institute supported by MEDA)

Youth and Women Inclusion in Agribusiness.

Women in Agriculture, Miss Aisha Hussein - Beneficiary of 'Youth and Women involvement in Agriculture initiatives by AMSHA' on her farm.

Sesame Value Chain Development

From 2010 to 2015: AMSHA in collaboration with TARI Naliendele introduced a commercial sesame farming to 3500 farmers in Kilwa District

Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI I, CARI II and CARI EA)

Trained farm implements operators on duty, this happened during implementation of Competitive African Rice Initiative Projects.

Sunflower Market Development

From 2018 to September 2020: AMSHA worked with Aga Khan Foundation to develop a market for sunflower in Kilwa District

Lobbying, Advocacy and Learning Activities

Executive Director, Mr. Omary Mwaimu presenting about AMSHA during the Annual Learning forum organized by ANSAF