Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship

AMSHA has established four Amsha agribusiness services centres, with the objective of promoting and bringing closer the agribusiness activities to the farmers by locating those centres near to their villages, where one centre serve up to five wards. The Agribusiness centres serve as learning centre, aggregation points and service centre.

The centres help Amsha members and beneficiaries to transforming subsistence agriculture into commercial farming with ecosystem conservation objective because of the introduction of new technologies from research institutes and other sources. Also AMSHA started the implementation of “kopa kuku,lipa kuku project – poultry farming” and the project has about 2000 chickens , mushroom farming and bee keeping projects as off-crop season farming activities to ensure that our farmers have sustainable income.

Sesame value chain development

Sesame farming is our core activity; we are working very hard to develop the sesame value chain. In doing so AMSHA and her members cultivates about 2000ha of sesame every season. This attracted large company like WABANTU COMPANY, SUNSHINE AGRICULTURE LIMITED & MICROPHAS INVESTMENT COMPANY to buy the sesame seed from AMSHA’s farmers.

In developing the value chain AMSHA in collaboration with Naliendele Agriculture Research Institute have established the sesame seed multiplication sites in Kilwa and currently, AMSHA is in process of entering in joint venture with KijaniAgro to establish Sesame processing plant in Kilwa.

Muhogo Mbegu bingwa project

Amsha and her strategic partner MEDA (Supported by Bills and Melinda Gates foundation) have managed to establish six Cassava multiplication site in Lindi and Mtwara managed by AMSHA members, and currently AMSHA is supplying the cassava seedlings to members and non-members. In Mihogo Mbegu Bingwa (Cassava Seed Champion), we are piloting the supply chain models to bridge the gap between the research laboratories developing new varieties, and the farmers looking for new planting material. This pilot is working with the national seed certification authorities to establish compliance protocols that ensure production of quality-assured seed/stem planting material from seedmultiplication entrepreneurs.

Ensuring youths are participating in agribusiness

Amsha through Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum -TYIAF, a multistakeholders forum launched in Morogoro on 11th May, 2013, with a MOTTO of “Kilimo Biashara ndo Mpango mzima”i.e “Agribusiness is a real deal”. Since it has started the Forum has reached out atleast 600 direct youth and agriculture stakeholders.

The Forum has supported 10 youth (where 6 of them were women) led agribusiness to access export markets and finance from financial institutions by offering them with training and coaching on export readiness and also on bankable business plan development, as well as two youth in Lindi and Mtwara have managed to establish their own Cassava Seed Multiplication site supported by AMSHA and MEDA under Muhogo Mbegu Bingwa project (Cassava Seed Champion).

Youth capacity building ; Amsha Institute in collaboration with Junior Achievement conducted a two days entrepreneurship seminar in Lind Municipal which aimed at imparting entrepreneurship skills to youth so that they can be able to start their own businesses. At least 100 youth who are members and non-members of Amsha attended this seminar and they were from Lindi and Mtwara Region.

Project Active for future; Project active for future is implemented by six organizations namely, Amsha Institute-Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Youth Skills Training Organization (UYSTO) – Kampala. Uganda, Volunteer Action for Change Kenya – Nairobi, Kenya, National Management School – Sofia, Bulgaria, Calfskin mladinski center – Celje, Slovenia, Romanian Youth Forum – Bucharest, Romania. And it is funded by European Union (EU). Project Active for future aims to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers to increase their productivity and also youth to increase their chances for employment, To train youth workers and to give them new tools that can be used in their daily activities and develop environment for fostering youth employment. The implementation of the project has started since October 2015 and on 15-22, November2015 a kick-off meeting was held in Dar es Salaam and hosted by Amsha Institute. The kick off meeting aimed at planning, team building and exchanging methods and practice. Under this two years project Amsha Institute will focus on increasing knowledge and skills to the youth that will enable them to engage in Agribusiness and to reduce the unemployment rate.

COMMUNITY RADIO PROGRAMS; AMSHA and ANSAF have conducted three Community Radio programs through Mashujaa FM in October and November in Lindi Region. The three programs which were the warehouse receipt system, Review of cashew season 2014/2015, and youth in Agribusiness. The idea is to empower small holder farmers to speak for themselves and raise their voice as well as influencing key decision makers and those in power to act in more equitable way, as well as to increase general knowledge and awareness to the public concening the situation,policies and practices by bringing together the SHF and duty bearer through using Mashujaa FM, a community based Radio in Lindi.
Developed by : AMSHA Institute