AMSHA is a member-led farmers organisation based in Lindi, with geographical focus in Mtwara corridor which includes Pwani, Lindi and Mtwara regions. It was incorporated in Tanzania as company limited by guarantee on 11th day of May 2012 and issued a certificate of incorporation number 90868.

“AMSHA” is a Swahili word, which means “awaken” in English. The word was first introduced by Ms. Baya Ubwa Ibrahim, popularly known as “Mama Amsha”, way back in 2008 when she pioneered the formation of “Amsha Group”, a partnership form of legal business whose aim was to “awaken” poor farmers in rural areas of Kilwa district to see the opportunities around them and cooperatively use their efforts to turn misery into prosperity.


The main focus of AMSHA is on sustainable rural development through community mobilization and mind-set change campaign while imparting entrepreneurial philosophy and agribusiness skills to the rural population.


To enable 1500 smallholder farmers transform their subsistence farming practices into commercial farming as a strategy to alleviate poverty in rural areas by 2030


To revolutionize the sector through maintaining agricultural lands, introducing the latest technologies, proposing regulations, training the work force, creating job opportunities and spreading awareness in general.
Developed by : AMSHA Institute